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ARU 8500 RFID Antenna Reader 

Optimal Shipping Control by Means of Precise RFID Direction Recognition

news_aru8500_1024x666__620x.pngAt the “RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2019”, Kathrein Solutions presents a new product, ARU 8500 reader from the ARU reader family.

The more complex the logistics processes become, the higher the demands for reliable and high-performance reading devices. The new ARU 8500 reader with an integrated circular switch-beam antenna enables precise detection of goods and their direction of movement. Ubiquity means the ability to be present everywhere. However, it is also a requirement for industrial production or logistics processes that shipped goods or commodities are tracked at all times. The transitions between the production areas or individual parts in the supply chain are of central importance.

The device is characterised by a greater processing capacity and, therefore, a fast reading process as well as increased reading accuracy, even under difficult conditions.

Fast and Precise Identification

The core function of the ARU 8500 is a circular switch-beam antenna. In contrast to standard RFID antennas, the antenna beam here can be swivelled in three areas to track the direction of movement in a gantry or when the goods pass through a gate. The otherwise easily detected pass-through area is divided into three zones in order to reliably determine the direction of movement when the goods pass through the gate. A crucial advantage here is the ability to distinguish between the transported goods that pass through all three reading zones and static readings that only take place in one zone. Therefore, only the goods that are moved are detected. This makes it possible to completely do without other sensors, such as light barriers. Thus, it is possible to reliably identify the flow of goods and control and optimise production or logistics processes.

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