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GSM Logistica Reduces Costs via RFID 

Prior to the deployment, the company’s processes relied on manual, error-prone, high-cost manual barcode operations.

Oct 25, 2019

GSM Logistica, located in São Paulo, Brazil, has achieved cost reductions in the past 12 months thanks to a radio frequency identification solution implemented by iTag Intelligent Systems, a Brazilian company specializing in RFID.

According to Vladimir Sanchez, GSM’s CEO, “Last year, we had a 250 percent growth, and we understand that the RFID system differential has added a lot to that.” Prior to the RFID deployment, the company’s processes relied on manual, error-prone, high-cost barcode operations. “By applying RFID,” he says, “in addition to process agility, we have been able to reduce labor costs.”

Vladimir Sanchez

The RFID deployment follows GS1’s EPC passive UHF RFID standard. “We use data conversion in the EPC Gen 2 standard, but we have no GS1 registration,” Sanchez explains. RFID portal readers are installed at the company’s distribution center. “In this way, the reading is 100 percent efficient. Radio waves pick up only what is in each box.”

GSM is employing Acura Edge-50 readers and 6 dbi monostatic antennas for the deployment. “We currently use iTag’s 7X2 adhesive label with Impinj’s Monza R6 chip,” Sanchez reports. All tags are reused during the logistics process, he says, since GSM’s business model and iTag Alert 2.0 software features allow users to transport pouches between customer branches and have them return with tags still intact. “We have 11,145 pouches tagged and transitioning between customer branches.”


Source: GSM Logistica Reduces Costs via RFID – 2019-10-25 – Page 1 – RFID Journal