Powercast and InPlay have created a platform for designing battery-free, maintenance-free, long-range (up to 120 feet) wireless IoT sensor systems for monitoring in the retail, medical, warehousing and industrial IoT markets.

Both companies will demonstrate at Sensors Converge this week how Powercast’s RF-to-DC power harvesting technology is a compelling new option to power InPlay’s active Bluetooth sensor NanoBeacon, which can be attached to anything for real-time location monitoring, and paired with external sensors to monitor conditions such as light, humidity and temperature.

Previously documented to power sensors over 80 feet, Powercast’s far-field wireless technology has now powered the NanoBeacon from 120 feet away from the PowerSpot transmitter, enabling a beacon signal every minute. NanoBeacon’s low-power design, which features fast start-up and data transmission using only microwatts of power, supports Powercast in achieving this record distance.

InPlay’s NanoBeacon SoC aims to make smart sensor systems affordable and easy to deploy, via BLE. It’s easily configured via an app, requires no software programming, transmits data up to 300 feet, and features SDR edge networking to connect tens of thousands of IoT devices.

Source: https://www.prnewswire.com