Discover the future of RAIN RFID technology with the RAIN Alliance’s latest bi-annual research report, Global Markets & Applications for RAIN RFID Solutions. Developed in collaboration with VDC Research, this authoritative report offers the most up-to-date insights into the passive UHF RFID market.

Our report reveals a dynamic future for RAIN RFID, projecting tag chip shipments to soar to 115 billion units by 2028, driven by an annual growth rate of 20.4%. This surge reflects the expanding application of RAIN RFID across diverse industries.

The Global Markets & Applications for RAIN RFID Solutions report provides an in-depth analysis of recent chip shipments, global market expenditures, and future projections for RAIN RFID technology. It covers all aspects of the technology, including covering chips, inlays, finished tags and labels, readers, printers, and encoders. Our research included inputs from RAIN RFID hardware vendors, solution providers/system integrators, industry associations, and end users from North America, Central/Latin America, EMEA, and the Asia Pacific region.