RaceKit Pro Offers RFID Race Timing in a Box 

Agee Race Timing has teamed up with Sensthys to provide a solution for small- to mid-sized 5Ks or other races so they can temporarily set up UHF RFID-based timing systems, capture each participant’s results and then take the system down again with little technical background.

Dec 17, 2019

While RFID has brought automated data to race timing for marathons and large track events, the technology’s cost can be above the modest budget of many common, and considerably smaller, community 5K races. Timing system company Agee Race Timing and RFID technology firm SensThys are selling what they say is a solution for small- to mid-sized events and race-timing companies that enables users to quickly set up an RFID-based timing system out of a box.

The RaceKit-Pro solution consists of a kit that users can carry to a a race, which includes four tripods, reader and antenna hardware from SensThys, and Agee Race Timing software to capture and manage the RFID tag reads of race participants. The kit is designed to be a single, compact and affordable hardware and software package, for what are typically 5-kilometer running races involving 150 to 1,000 participants. It includes a SensArray-Pro UHF RFID reader using Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), so there are minimal cable requirements. It also comes with three SensRF-101 antennas and antenna cables that can be set up at any point along a race course and be covered with a rubber mat.

Source: RaceKit Pro Offers RFID Race Timing in a Box – 2019-12-17 – Page 1 – RFID Journal

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