25 June 2024 RAIN Alliance, the non-profit industry organization supporting the development and adoption of Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), has today announced the launch of its extensive RAIN RFID Training Program.

The program will equip the global RAIN RFID industry’s underserved professionals with essential business and technical knowledge needed to fuel the adoption and deployment of RAIN RFID solutions. Spearheaded initially by 15 leading RAIN Alliance member organizations, the training program responds to demand for certified practitioners that can offer vendor-agnostic skills in both the design of sector-specific solutions and their technical implementation.

The program will evolve over time in line with proposals made by RAIN Alliance members. Initial courses include the RAIN RFID in Tyres Masterclass, RAIN RFID Solutions Planning, and the Certified RAIN RFID Solutions Engineer learning path, which encompasses an Encoding Masterclass, Read-Point Design, and Solution Deployment.

Aileen Ryan, CEO, RAIN Alliance comments: “With global RAIN tag chip shipments forecast to reach 115bn units by 2028, this industry is crying out for a robust, vendor-agnostic training and certification program. The RAIN Alliance is uniquely positioned to answer this need. Use-cases and applications continue to diversify, and data from RAIN RFID deployments is increasingly being repurposed in support of broader business goals including, notably, efforts to increase environmental sustainability. We expect this trend to continue as inbound regulations like the EU’s Digital Product Passport gain traction and organizations seek to maximise the value of both their people and their technologies.”

The RAIN RFID Training Program will be available globally in various formats, with courses initially available in-person and online to suit participants’ preferences and content requirements. The RAIN Alliance invites all interested professionals to participate and become part of the movement to upskill the industry and support the rapid proliferation of RAIN RFID technology across various industries including retail, logistics, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and automotive.

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