RAIN Brand

The RAIN RFID Alliance established the RAIN RFID brand and logos to help companies and end-users, commercial and consumer, identify the specific UHF RFID standard (ISO/IEC 18000-63 and GS1’s EPC “Gen2”) technology and products. The RAIN Alliance brand and logo were established for this organization to support RAIN RFID technology.



Anyone can download and use the RAIN RFID logos. The only limitation regarding how the RAIN RFID logos can be used is regarding RAIN RFID technology products. Only RAIN Alliance members can use the RAIN RFID logo on RAIN RFID technology products, and RAIN Alliance members need to submit their application. The application can be downloaded from the RAIN Member Forum. Anyone can use the RAIN logo for purposes other than the RAIN technology products, such as marketing material and websites.

You can download the RAIN RFID Brand Guide for more information. 


Common RAIN RFID Logos

Common RAIN Alliance Logos

These logos are available in different formats to support options to print or use on a monitor.
The RAIN Brand Guide is provided to help understand proper use of the RAIN logo to ensure global consistency.

Contact the RAIN Alliance if you have any questions – [email protected]

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