This Masterclass is a deep dive into read-point design, configuration, and optimization for RAIN RFID projects. Participants will learn how the physical locations where RFID tags are read (read-points), the items to be tagged and the tags themselves impact RAIN RFID Solutions design and how to determine specific configurations of readers and antennas necessary to achieve business objectives for the project. The course is very hands-on with practical exercises throughout each topic.

Key topics include: 

  • A detailed understanding of the RAIN RFID Field and how to measure, document, and tune it to meet performance objectives
  • Common physical configurations for read-points
  • A comprehensive step-by-step approach to determining required read-points, their configuration, and optimization, including the selection of appropriate antennas and readers 

The course duration is 3.5 days. This includes 3 days of tuition and exercises, a half day of QA, a discussion with the trainer, and an exam  (1 hour). Attendees who pass the exam will be awarded digital credentials that can be used online, and through LinkedIn to demonstrate their achievement. Taking the exam is optional.  

The course and exam are part of the RAIN RFID Solutions Implementation certified learning path. 

Who Should Attend 

Systems Integrators, Solutions Providers, Field Engineers, Systems architects, Project Managers, and anyone involved in developing or specifying a RAIN RFID solution on either the supply or end-user side.  

Course Overview

RFID-based Identification Overview 

  • Typical Business Requirements
  • RAIN RFID In Context

Technical overview

  • Operating principles of the Air interface
  • RAIN RFID UHF Field definitions
  • Modulations
  • Common physical configurations for read points.

Understanding the Read Zone

  • Antenna Design, field formats, and application
  • Detailing the RAIN RFID UHF Field and what influences it
  • Impact of the TAG and tagged item
  • RAIN RFID UHF Characteristics and Radiated power
  • Constraints due to Country specific profiles and regulations

Conducting inventories using RAIN RFID

  • Information exchange between tag and reader
  • Inventories with multiple tags
  • Reading and Writing Tag Memory

Designing Read-points from concept to operation.

  • Deep dive into design, configuring and optimization of Read-points with detailed exercises. Topics include: 
    • Project scope and boundary conditions 
    • Identification of items to be tagged and Tag Selection 
    • Process flow analysis 
    • Determination of required Read-point locations and types  
    • Reader Selection 
    • Configuration and optimization of Read-points to meet business requirements
    • Software components Selection and IT integration
    • Documenting the results 

Thank you to Siemens for hosting this course.

13-15 August Training 09:00-17:00
16 August Q&A session & Exam 09:00-12:00

Siemens AG, Gleiwitzer Str, 555 90475 Nuremburg, Germany

RAIN Alliance member:
Early Bird (by 13 July): $1900
Non-Members: $2500
Early Bird (by 13 July): $2300