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RAIN Alliance offers premier, vendor-neutral RFID training courses designed by industry experts. Our certified training ensures you gain the critical skills and knowledge needed to succeed in RAIN RFID project implementation and beyond. Join us and be part of the 10X growth in this dynamic industry.

Learning Paths

RAIN Alliance offers several learning paths to cater to different roles and industries within the RAIN RFID domain. Here are the available learning paths:

1. RAIN RFID Solutions Implementation Path

For: Architects, systems integrators, field engineers, and anyone involved in RAIN RFID solutions.

  • RAIN RFID Project Primer: Understand project structures, standards, components, and phases. (Available Q3 2024)
  • RAIN RFID RCI Primer: Learn about RCI guidelines and deploying systems with multiple reader types. (Available Q3 2024)
  • RAIN RFID Encoding Masterclass: Master encoding using GS1, ISO, and RAIN ISO numbering systems.
  • RAIN RFID Read-Point Design: Design, configure, and optimize system components from concept to deployment.
  • RAIN RFID IT Integration and Deployment: Understand the impact of RAIN RFID on IT architecture and deployment. (Available Q4 2024)

2. RAIN RFID in Tyres Masterclass

For: Tyre industry engineers, technicians, and technical leaders.

  • Objective: Learn to embed RAIN RFID tags in tyres for lifecycle tracking, enabling downstream services and meeting sustainability mandates.

Empower your team, enhance your projects, and advance your career with RAIN Alliance’s industry-leading training programs. See our course schedule for more details about each course and to register.

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