RAIN RFID+NFC Two-Way Applications in One Tamper Proof Label

Bring Dual Frequency in One Single Label

When people talk about NFC and RAIN RFID, applications in use are usually regarded to happen respectively. Now, SAG develops a new dual frequency label which can operate on both NFC and RAIN RFID (UHF) technologies. NFC is for proximity use and often goes to applications such as customer engagement, anti-counterfeiting, and product identification. In contrast, RAIN RFID technology features long reading distance, making it commonly adopted in inventory and supply chain management. Powered by em|echo-V chip (EM4425), this label provides an application crossover and opens the possibility to apply just one label to fit all use cases. In other words, your applications are no more limited and can expand in multiple venues such as retail, healthcare, consumer electronics, automotive, logistics and so on.

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Source:  sag.com

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