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Historical Data Related to RAIN

This page provides historical information related to RAIN Technology. The information provided is a general historical archive and is not intended to provide legal advice and/or to serve as any basis for any due diligence investigation. RAIN does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information provided. The information provided is intended to help members by serving as a starting point or general resource. Members must independently verify and research any information upon which a member may intend to rely for any purpose.

Expired Intellectual property:

Other Historical information:

RFID Airline Baggage Tag System – 1992

Case Studies etc.

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Consultants and Law Firms

As RAIN learns of any companies able to assist in this arena, we will list them here.  There is no endorsement or recommendation (by RAIN) associated with any one listed below.


For those companies that are interested in learning more about the Intellectual Property related to RAIN, the following consultants have stated they may be willing to assist:

None identified

Law firms

The following law firms have been active in the area of IP Litigation in RFID technology:

None identified

All of the information provided above is provided as is with no guarantees of authenticity by RAIN. Any person wishing to use the above information should contact the supplier direct.