Forward Vision Analytics

Florence, Italy 2019

11-12 June 2019

Hosted by Temera

Sponsored by Impinj, SMARTRAC, EM Microelectronic, Zebra Technologies, Aware Innovations, CAEN RFID, CISC Semiconductor, Lab ID, SAIT SRL, Times-7, and Voyantic 

Presentations where available are linked below.  Some presentations are available to members only and are found on the member’s forum

11 June 2019

State of the Alliance Steve Halliday – RAIN RFID Alliance
 Marketing Update  Kerry Krause – RAIN RFID Alliance
 Connections Summit 2020 – Helsinki  Juho Partanen  – Voyantic
 Workgroup Updates  Workgroup representatives
 RAIN RFID Work Supporting System Deployment  Josef Preishuber-Pflugl – CISC Semiconductor
 RAIN RFID in the Band 915-921 MHz in Europe  Jacques Hulshof – RAIN RFID Alliance
 Controlling RF with Metasurfaces to Unlock the Full Potential of RFID  Geoffroy Lerosey – Greenerwave
 Tag Flooding and Cloning  Nikias Klohr – Race Result, and panel
 What Does it Take to be a RAIN Solution Provider?  Juho Partanen and panel

12 June 2019

Welcome to Florence Steve Halliday 
President, RAIN RFID Alliance
KEYNOTE – The RFID Technology, A Tremendous Enabler for Fashion Alessandro Manetti
COO, Temera
KEYNOTE – Register Your Twins Chris Diorio
CEO and co-founder, Impinj
KEYNOTE – Sustainable RAIN Technology Ray Freeman
Sr. Vice President Commercialization and Chief Scientist, SMARTRAC
Medline RFID – The latest concept in Medline’s portfolio of value-added logistic services for traceability and automatic inventory replenishment Lara Cappelli
Product Manager, MEDLINE
RAIN RFID and Indirect Inventory Visibility Roberto Bertolini
Principal – Customer Experience, SAP Italia
Learnings from Developing a RAIN RFID Based New Retail Solution Lauri Huhtasalo
Director of Product Management, Innovation and Development, Stora Enso
Expand Your Markets in the U.S. and Overseas: Keep Your RFID Business Safe from the Crosshairs of the FCC and International Enforcement Agencies Ronald Quirk
Head of IoT Practice, Marshlian & Donahue, PLLC
Retail Reimagined: Zebra Shopper Study and Examples from the Real World Mark Thomson
Director of Retail EMEA, Zebra Technologies
Baggage Visibility Utilizing RAIN – Overcoming the Deployment Challenges for a Smooth Introduction Debangana Mukherjee
Director of Business Development & Sales, CISC Semiconductor
GS1 – Initiatives and Innovation Claude Tetelin
Director, Automatic Identification and Data Capture, GS1 GO
Expanding RAIN RFID Beyond Hardware and Tags, Through Services & Solutions Mark McDonald
Vice President of Engineering and Solutions, Alien Technology