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Sunnyvale CA 2018

RAIN in Sunnyvale CA USA, 2018

6 – 8 March 2018

Hosted by Google

Sponsored by Aware Innovations, CNRT, EM Microelectronic, Smartrac, Teslonix, Cellottape, MuRata, Qubitec, Visa, and Voyantic

Presentations where available are linked below.  Some presentations are available to members only and are found on the member’s forum

6 March 2018 – for members only

Welcome to the meetings and an update on the logistics for the day including a brief summary of the workgroup status.

Developers Workgroup:
Retail Workgroup:
Smart Products and Packaging Workgroup:

Industrial Manufacturing Workgroup:
IoT Workgroup:
Technical Workgroup:
Healthcare Workgroup:

7 March 2018 – Connections Summit brought to you by AIM, NFC Forum and RAIN

Let It RAIN!
Steve Halliday, president of the RAIN Alliance;
Paula Hunter, executive director of the NFC Forum;
Chuck Evanhoe, chairman of the AIM Boardwill update everyone on the work of the Alliance.
Final – Summit Welcome



Keynote #1: The pervasive nature of IoT in the world of intelligent big data


Antony Passemard, Product Management Lead
– Cloud IoT and Pub/Sub, Google
Keynote #2: RFID 2018-2028: RAIN and NFC Market Status, Outlook and Innovations


Raghu Das, CEO IDTechEx
 Track 1: Retail & Smart Products: Alessandro Gherardi “Tailor-made” NFC | Linking Customer Experience & Future Sales Andrea Gobbi & Carlo Carminati, SAIT s.r.l.
 Track 1: Retail & Smart Products: Digitizing the Retail Consumer Experience – Fresh Results and Insights from the Field Matthew Bright, Thin Film Electronics
 Track 1: Retail & Smart Products: Re-imagining Retail Using NFC Tim Daly, NXP
 Track 1: Retail & Smart Products: Leading the way for Connected Cosmetics
Nicolas Lecocq, L’Oréal
 Track 2: Security & Blockchain: Integrity of Things: Exploring NFC and Blockchain Ajit Kulkarni, Chronicled,
Stephane Ardiley, Identiv
 Track 2: Security & Blockchain: How Adding Trust to NFC Applications Provides a Frictionless Authentication Experience for New York City Buildings David Chose, HID Global
 Track 2: Security & Blockchain: A Peer-to-Peer Approach to Digital Key Sharing for Vehicle Access Control Tony Rosati, ESCRYPT
Track 3: Healthcare: Game Changer in Healthcare | Direct-Part Marked Hospital-Sterilized Medical Implants with Tractus™


Brandon Donnelly, Matrix IT Medical Tracking Systems, Inc.
Track 3: Healthcare: One of the Largest Oncology Centers and Hospitals in Poland Equips Itself with Wireless Temperature Monitoring System Cronin Wilkes, Blulog
Track 3: Healthcare: The Internet of Me: Data Empowering Patients Heidi Dohse, Google
Track 3: Healthcare: The World’s Largest RFID Based Hospital Installation Villads Thomsen, Lyngsoe Systems
Track 4: Retail & Smart Products: Augmented RFID Paul Muller, EM Microelectronic
Track 4: Retail & Smart Products: NFC and Content: Get Physical with Digital Richard Dupé, Sharetapes
Track 5: IoT: RAIN, Cloud and the Chained Twin Chris Diorio, Impinj, Inc
Track 5: IoT: Physical/Digital Convergence – IoT, RAIN, and Chains Robert Beideman, GS1
Track 5: IoT: RAIN and NFC Coexistence in a Commercial Smart Device Jagat Shah, Lenovo
Track 5: IoT: Everyone Wins using RAIN & NFC!  Visibility into Supply Chain and Consumer Engagement Peter Phaneuf, eAgile Inc.
Track 6: Market Opportunities: Achieving Value and ROI Using RAIN Chuck Evanhoe, Aware Innovations, a division of Evanhoe & Associates, Inc.
Tom King, US US Patent and Trademark Office
Track 6: Market Opportunities: Bringing NFC to the Browser with Web NFC API Justin Ribeiro, Stickman Ventures, Inc.
Track 6: Market Opportunities: SMART Products and Digital Consumer Interactions Scott Krynock, Smartrac
Track 6: Market Opportunities: New paradigm for NFC applications Sylvain Fidelis, STMicroelectronics

8 March 2018 (available in the RAIN Forum – for members only)

Developers Workgroup:
Retail Workgroup:
IoT Workgroup:
Industrial Manufacturing Workgroup:
Healthcare Workgroup:
Smart Products and Packaging Workgroup:
Technical Workgroup:
Board Member nominees  No presentation
 End user Viewpoint (panel)  No Presentation
Passive Sensor Transponders – Wireless, Battery Free Sensing With RAIN Technology  Dr. Andreas Weder, Fraunhofer IPMS
Update on Regulatory Effort  Jacques Hulshof, Hulshof Approvals