RF Controls Announces Strategic Partnership with RTV Engineering

Joint collaboration to usher in new era of battery-free RTLS

ST. LOUISSept. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — RF Controls LLC, a leading provider of advanced, state-of-the-art asset tracking solutions, announced today that it has established a new strategic partnership with RTV Engineering, a leading software and systems integrator servicing the defense, consumer goods and industrial marketplaces. Together the companies are providing a new and innovative approach for manufacturers and warehouse managers to confidently and intelligently manage their inventory by delivering real-time item level visibility and actionable data to drive business growth, improve efficiency and prevent loss in harsh and challenging indoor environments.

RTV Engineering is leveraging RF Controls’ patented overhead, always-on, hands-free passive real-time location system (“pRTLS”) which continuously identifies, locates and tracks RAIN RFID (Passive UHF) tagged items in 2D or 3D, with location accuracy significantly greater than other traditional RFID commercial systems focusing on pRTLS. Without having to install complex battery-powered Wi-Fi and BLE beacon systems, RTV Engineering is now ushering in a new era of battery-free pRTLS.

“The answer to many end-customer problems lies in this new transformational technology,” says Tom Ellinwood, CEO, RF Controls. “The market is ready to embrace the benefits of overhead pRTLS which enables ubiquitous indoor coverage to track assets across any supply chain.”


Source: RF Controls Announces Strategic Partnership with RTV Engineering

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