RTLS Reader from RF Controls Features Steerable Array Antenna 

RF Controls has released a new passive UHF RFID reader that captures real-time location data; the firm is partnering with Confidex to offer reader and tag solutions for warehouses and other industrial deployments. 

Apr 17, 2019—Confidex, a maker of RAIN UHF RFID-enabled logistics labels and container tags, and RF Controls have partnered to offer a real-time passive UHF RFID solution that consists of RF Controls’ new CS-445B UHF real-time location system (RTLS) reader and Confidex’s tags. The system can identify the locations of tagged items within zones, with a granularity of about 18 inches. RF Controls designed its RTLS reader to provide asset- and inventory-tracking solutions with UHF RFID tags tracked in real time.

The reader solution enables users to view where goods are located as they move around a space, and to create zones to trigger or enable specific actions, says Adrian Turchet, RF Controls’ senior VP of strategy and corporate development. At a store, for instance, a user could set up a zone around the point of sale to identify goods being purchased. The Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) reader comes with a bidirectional, steerable array CS Smart Antenna to identify tags’ locations, and the company finds the system works well with Confidex’s Crosswave UHF RFID tag, according to Joe Hoerl, Confidex’s sales director for smart industries in North America.

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Source: RTLS Reader from RF Controls Features Steerable Array Antenna – 2019-04-17 – Page 1 – RFID Journal

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