First ARC-certified retail and supply chain optimized inlays


Tageos, a global leader in RFID inlays and tags, today announced the launch of four new products: EOS-300 M730 and M750, and EOS-430 M730 and M750, based on Impinj M700 ICs. This makes Tageos one of the first providers worldwide to satisfy the relevant ARC specifications, defined by the Auburn University RFID Lab, for Impinj M700-based products.

The company’s latest RAIN RFID inlays feature its proven inlay designs and fully leverage the capabilities of the Impinj M700 series chips, making the new inlays and tags particularly suited to challenging retail apparel and retail supply chain applications, while supporting Tageos’ overall mission to provide innovative, high-quality and truly sustainable products to customers worldwide.

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