Five questions with Lewis Lin, CEO and Vice Chairman at Arizon RFID Technology and Chairman at Yeon Technologies.

Arizon RFID Technology and Yeon Technologies have roots in Taiwan. As the largest region for RAIN RFID chip production and manufacturing in the world, Taiwan is a global technology center for.
Lewis Lin is the CEO and Vice Chairman for Arizon, the global leader in RFID inlay design and manufacturing. We caught up with Lin recently and he agreed to share some information with us about RAIN and the RFID industry.

Q: Tell us about Arizon. As CEO, can you give us some details on Arizon’s capabilities?
When I started my work at Arizon RFID in 2008, we had only three bonding lines. Through our dedication to the company, we led Arizon to the top level of Asian and global manufacturing. Arizon now has two facilities—one in Yangzhou, and another in Taipei. The Yangzhou facility is the world’s single biggest RFID inlay production site. Our site holds 49 bonding lines, 10 converting lines, a state-of-the-art RFID lab, and a dedicated R&D team.

Our company has built global business relationships within the United States, European and Japanese markets. Our clients have given us the opportunity to achieve high-quality results. Such achievements have transformed Arizon into the leading RFID manufacturer in capacity, quality, and service. Arizon has currently delivered 16.4 billion pcs RFID Inlay/Tag to more than 800 clients internationally.

In addition to its strong production capability, Arizon focuses on product innovation. With ownership of over 350 RFID products patents, we have moved to fulfill multi-industrial application demands. We are dedicated to helping our clients lead successful businesses in a dynamic and aggressive market.

Q: Why did you join the RAIN Alliance? What has the RAIN Alliance meant to Arizon?
We started working with RFID back in 2000 when YFY Group, our parent company, joined the MIT Auto-ID Lab to conduct RFID technology research. In 2003, Arizon became a founding member of EPC global. As a frequent participant in RFID projects worldwide, Arizon has witnessed the bottom-up development of RFID. Our RAIN Alliance membership has allowed us to foster a closer relationship with clients and start extensive conversations with other members. As active RAIN Alliance members, we participate in USA, European, and Asian RAIN events. We also speak at RAIN meetings to promote RAIN RFID applications. In addition to having more firsthand exposure to customer needs, we also hope to assist with the promotion of RAIN by sharing our multi-industry experience.

Q: What do you think the future holds for the RAIN RFID industry?
The RAIN RFID industry will continue to provide what I call a systematic service. Instead of single software or hardware, the industry will provide coordinated system integration to clients. The industry will use system integration to build strong, multi-industrial relationships. Successful system integration is required for the production side to thoroughly understand system requirements, and for systems to release product-specific restrictions. Tags should also better understand system requirements.

RAIN applications will become more prepared for the digital world’s new industry demands. By combining different perspectives and industry experiences, we can surpass challenges and optimize service and solutions.

RAIN Alliance has the most important position in the RFID industry. The healthy development of RAIN Alliance is vital to the longevity of the RFID industry. It is an important place for international RFID users and suppliers to communicate, exchange ideas, and build long-lasting relationships.

Q: Are you interested in learning about other cultures? Why?
I have always enjoyed learning about and experiencing new cultures. I have traveled extensively throughout my life. I studied and lived abroad in both Japan and the United States. These experiences have immensely affected me, shaping who I am today. I believe understanding people from different cultures is crucial and beneficial to developing a multicultural perspective.

Q: What impact do you think COVID has had on RAIN RFID? What preparations should we make during the pandemic?
COVID continues to impact the world. We will never be able to go back to life before 2019. Our living and consumption habits have drastically changed over the past two years. The entire world had to adapt to both indirect communication and indirect contact. Due to the increasing demand for Cloud-based information, RAIN RFID will play an essential role in influencing this type of communication and contact.

The pandemic has proven that all business behaviors and situations are connected. The situation and behavior in Yangzhou city will also affect the situation and behavior in Europe. As connected people, we should focus on meeting globalization demands by creating a more compact and efficient integration of supply chains. Arizon has facilities in Taipei and Yangzhou, along with offices in Taipei, Yangzhou, Hong Kong and Japan. We are still actively expanding our overseas service bases to better service global clients in this changing environment.