Last month, the RAIN Alliance presented the 2024 Connections Summit in collaboration with NFC Forum and hosted by SAG. Over 280 attendees joined us in Taiwan to explore the latest market trends and technical developments in RAIN RFID, NFC, and applications which combine both technologies in unique ways. Each session was packed with cutting-edge innovations and exclusive insight into the key trends that are defining the proximity technology space.

Over 30 speakers contributed to the event, with industry experts from a myriad of sectors including logistics, construction, steel, industrial cleaning, road-tolling, and retail.

Each speaker brought a unique perspective on the future of connectivity, with some key themes resonating throughout. Here are three key takeaways from the sessions:

1) The Digital Product Passport is the Future of Sustainability
The need for sustainable, environmentally conscious practices is at the heart of almost every industry and featured in conversations across multiple panels and presentations in Taiwan. The European Union’s impending Digital Product Passport (DPP) will mandate that data on the traceability and composition of every product is readily available, enabling a true circular economy.

While many technologies are able to fulfil the DPP’s base need to function as a data carrier for a product, RAIN RFID can provide traceability end-to-end throughout the supply chain and the entire lifecycle of a product. This is all while also solving additional challenges – from optimizing logistics through automation to providing robust product verification to combat counterfeiting. RAIN RFID isn’t just a DPP data carrier; it’s a game changer.

2) The Key to Scalability is Certification
The rapid growth in demand for IoT devices and digital identity solutions has presented unparalleled opportunity for RAIN RFID. Pharmaceuticals, road tolling, logistics, smart manufacturing and even classified critical infrastructure are all dedicating resources to scaling up their use of the technology.

Investing the necessary time and resources in certification was a key topic of discussion in Taiwan. Delegates advocated for the establishment of a trusted certification program to make sure that with an exponentially growing number of IC tags shipped each year, tags and readers remain secure and interoperable.

3) Solutions Must Put the User Experience First
RAIN RFID unlocks a host of opportunities for end-users, but the technology must also enrich the overall user experience. This message was reiterated throughout the summit, with speakers linking this core message to each and every sector.

As we enter the era of digital 2.0, an ever-growing number of solutions promise to deliver a more connected and sustainable future. Product managers must therefore concentrate on outcomes and actionable use cases when selecting solutions to adopt or scale. With benefits across numerous areas of operations, RAIN RFID can be truly transformative for the user and is proven to deliver significant, and rapid return on investment to businesses.

The Value of Collaboration

Thank you to everyone who came to the Connections Summit and helped make it a success, especially our sponsors and hosts. We were privileged to experience the vibrant culture of Taiwan, including its traditional song, dance, and delicious cuisine.

Events such as the Connections Summit bring together our membership to drive the evolution of RAIN RFID technology. This collaboration allows us to continually elevate our offer to meet evolving and emerging use cases.

We hope that you’ll be able to join us for our next such event, RAIN in Action, taking place 23-25 September in Florence, Italy. Registrations are now open, and you can apply to be a speaker here. Sponsorship opportunities are also available. Ci vediamo a Firenze!