The RAIN Alliance Developers workgroup created a starter kit for potential RAIN RFID technology customers to learn about RAIN and experience the capabilities of RAIN.

The RAIN RFID Starter Kit supports the RAIN Reader Communication Interface (RCI) and serves as an important tool to increase exposure and access to RAIN RFID. The starter kit provides an easily accessible and affordable platform for students and hobbyists to use when learning to apply this technology, while also promoting best practices for using RAIN RFID.

The kit consists of the RAIN reader, and sample RAIN tags from RAIN RFID Alliance members. The starter kit delivers out-of-box item connectivity utilizing RAIN RFID at an accessible price point.


The starter kit will be available in several different formats as they are made available by the various manufacturers. The first starter kit is available from ThingMagic, a JADAK brand. Sample tags are provided from several RAIN RFID tag manufacturers, such as HID, Impinj, Metalcraft, and a tamper evident sample inlay pair from EM Microelectronic & SMARTRAC.  The ThingMagic RAIN Starter Kit is available for sale from

Information about starter kits from other manufacturers will be added to this page.


  • RAIN Starter Kit and RCI support RAIN RFID technology standards and a new developer friendly interface between applications and RAIN readers.
  • Ideally suited for students and hobbyist looking to learn RAIN RFID technology and best practices for implementation.
  • Not intended for professional use.
  • Speed and ease of integration due to all-in-one embedded solution that includes reader module, antenna, and processor to RAIN-enabled applications.


  • Each RAIN Starter Kit Reader has an RCI performance sheet available electronically. This sheet describes the level of RCI support provided.
  • The RAIN Alliance Developers workgroup is responsible for the RAIN RFID Starter kit. They can be contacted through the RAIN Alliance at [email protected].
  • Firmware support for the device is provided by each individual vendor.

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