RAIN RFID technology growing fast across many markets.

PITTSBURGHFeb. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The RAIN RFID Alliance announced today that 15.4 billion RAIN RFID tag chips were sold in 2018. This is 23% growth over 2017, and the RAIN RFID market is on track to over 20 billion tag chips sold annually for 2020 and beyond. Tag chip forecast discussions began after the RAIN RFID Alliance was founded in 2014, and the industry has been expecting to achieve annual sales of over 20 billion tag chips by 2020.

RAIN Alliance collects volume data from the leading RAIN tag chip manufacturers, all of which are members of the Alliance. RAIN Alliance members, including Alien Technologies, Axzon Inc., EM Microelectronic, Impinj, Inc., and NXP Semiconductors, sold 15.4 billion tag chips in 2018.


Source: Over 15 Billion RAIN RFID Tag Chips Sold in 2018