Member Benefit Comparison

The following table summarizes the Member benefits enumerated in the membership agreement. In the event of a conflict between the membership agreement and this table, the numbered sections shall prevail.

Regular Limited Nonprofit Academic Liaison Associate
attend all Alliance meetings
open sessions only)

open sessions only)
display the RAIN logo on the Member’s website
include a link to the Member’s website on the RAIN website
participate in Workgroups, certification programs and other Alliance work efforts x x
receive discounts on meeting registration fees x x
participate in product interoperability testing and indicate product compliance x x
propose work efforts x x x
receive a discount on Alliance Membership dues with a current AIM membership x x x x
vote on all Alliance voting matters x x x x x
nominate persons (or have employees be nominated) to run for (i) seats on the Board and/or (ii) leadership positions in Workgroups x x x x x
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