Antitrust Policy

RAIN Alliance Inc. (“RAIN Alliance”), its Board of Directors, and Members are committed to compliance with all applicable antitrust and competition laws, and any other laws regarding unreasonable restraint of trade, in all applicable jurisdictions around the world. RAIN Alliance recognizes that these laws are intended to preserve and promote free, fair, and open competition. This competition benefits consumers and companies that are innovative and efficient.

Between or among Members that are actual or potential competitors, there shall be no discussion, communication, agreement, or disclosure regarding their prices, discounts or terms or conditions of sale or licensing of products or services, pricing methods, profits, profit margins or cost data, production plans, market shares, sales territories or markets, allocation of territories or customers, or any limitation on the timing, cost or volume of their research, production or sales.

Members, in connection with their membership in RAIN Alliance, shall not attempt to prevent any person from gaining access to any market or customer for goods and services, or attempt to prevent any person from obtaining a supply of goods or services or otherwise purchasing goods or services freely in the market.

During the course of the activities of or sponsored or facilitated by RAIN Alliance, Members should refrain from disclosing information to any other Member that is not reasonably related the legitimate purposes of such activities.

RAIN Alliance and each Member, in connection with the activities of RAIN Alliance, shall use their best efforts to comply in all respects with all applicable antitrust laws, and are each encouraged to seek the advice of their own legal counsel to do so.

Questions or concerns regarding the obligations of RAIN Alliance and/or each Member regarding compliance with applicable antitrust laws should be directed to legal counsel as soon as possible.

RAIN Policy on Collaboration and Work Product

RAIN is proud to be the industry association for passive UHF RFID, and is on the cutting edge of development in these areas. Our members have a long history of working together to provide a collaborative global influence on emerging technologies and innovation.

RAIN committee meetings are held for the primary purpose of advancements in our industry, which necessarily involves development of work product intended solely for the public domain. RAIN has developed this Policy for the protection of its members who engage in this important collaborative effort.

All information shared in this process shall be non-confidential and shared for the common purpose of producing work product for the public domain. No proprietary information, confidential information, or trade secrets should be shared during any RAIN meeting. Additionally, information developed during RAIN committee meetings should not be shared with others outside of this collaborative process until finalized and formally announced by RAIN such as public review or standards documents or finalized issued standards.

These limitations are necessary to protect and safeguard the integrity of the collaborative process, RAIN members, and RAIN itself. All meetings shall be conducted in a manner that avoids the appearance of any conduct that might violate this policy.

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