RAIN RFID Tyres Masterclass

RAIN RFID adoption continues to accelerate beyond the supply chain into the whole product lifecycle, as tyre companies, amongst others, seek profit from the advantages that derive from being able to track products from cradle to grave. This shift places significant challenges on tag design and on the process of tag embedding and reading.

This masterclass will provide you with practical knowledge on how to embed RAIN RFID tags into tyres on an industrial scale.

Created for the tyre market by the RAIN Alliance and its members, this one-day course is designed to enable companies to understand the physical, environmental and technical challenges of embedding RAIN RFID technology into tyres.

It is specifically designed for tyre industry engineers, technicians, and technical leaders in charge of making their industry ready to equip tyres with sustainable RFID tags.

Why Attend?

Created for the tyre market and delivered by RAIN Alliance members with practical experience in this industry, this one-day course will enable you to:

  • Understand the physical, environmental, and technical challenges of embedding RAIN RFID technology into tyres.
  • Learn best practices to efficiently embed RFID tag in tyres and understand how it can enable identifying tyres from cradle to grave and build connected services.

Attendee Satisfaction
Rating: 4.7/5

Upcoming Dates:
6 November 2024
Las Vegas, NV

Course outline

  1. Introduction to RAIN RFID in the tyre market
    1. Learning objective:
      1. Understand the importance of RAIN RFID, a durable Tyre lifecycle tracking technology.
      2. Know the key supporting standards and data exchange technologies.
      3. Understand why RAIN RFID is the technology of choice for embedded Tyre-tagging and tracking tyres throughout their lifecycle.
    1. Topics covered:
      1. RAIN RFID technology and positioning versus other tracking technologies
      2. Supporting ISO standards for tyres
      3. GDSO, an industry solution for data access and exchange.
  1. Underlying physics and performance characteristics of embedded tags
    1. Learning objective:
      1. To be able to identify key limitations on solution design and read performance of RAIN RFID in tyres.
    2. Topics covered:
      1. Impact of Tyre architecture and materials on RF wave propagation
      2. Designing solutions from a systems perspective
      3. Read range performance, Read point configuration and measurement methods.
  1. Advanced concepts for integrating tags into tyres
    1. Learning Objective:
      1. Understand how the tyres operational environment, throughout its lifecycle, impacts tag design.
    2. Topics covered:
      1. Impact of Tyre lifecycle on tag design
      2. Understanding the physical and thermal environment
      3. Optimal RF communication
      4. Failure modes and communication.
  1. Considerations for manufacturing and encoding.
    1. Learning Objective:
      1. To be able to identify and describe key issues impacting the manufacturing process.
    2. Topics Covered:
      1. RF quality control
      2. Tyre tag and the manufacturing process
      3. Effective laminating process
      4. The Pick and Place process
      5. Writing sequence and associated read/write point system.

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