The RAIN RFID Alliance Workgroups collaborate to develop open, freely implementable specifications to accelerate the acceptance and deployment of RAIN RFID technology within the global marketplace

They help the RAIN RFID ecosystem understand what they need and provide a contact point for the broader community to make requests or ask questions. They may produce specifications or determine how to use existing standards to resolve problems.

Each workgroup has a Chair and Vice-Chair who manage the workgroup’s direction. Some workgroups have an Executive Sponsor to help guide the direction. Most RAIN Alliance member companies have provided volunteers for the workgroups. Each workgroup has created a charter that describes the mission, vision, scope, values, and projects for the workgroup’s activities. It is common for the Executive Sponsors to represent end-users who are members of the Alliance.

Current Workgroups and Leaders


The Developers Workgoup is focused on promoting and facilitating the use of RAIN technology by developer communities all over the world. They are responsible for supporting the exchange of best practices, and promoting open-source software and easy-to-use systems to accelerate development efforts through an active RAIN RFID ecosystem.


Healthcare is a complex sector that encompasses a broad spectrum of markets, such as healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical products, medical devices, medical supply manufacturers and distributors, biologic and laboratory samples, and more. The Healthcare Workgroup is focused on accelerating the growth and adoption of RAIN RFID in the healthcare market. The use of RAIN RFID will help improve the quality of patient care by enabling healthcare providers to identify, locate, authenticate, and engage with people and things.


The Technical Workgroup was formed to inspire and facilitate the implementation of compelling solutions using RAIN RFID technology. They achieve this by identifying, developing, and publishing materials that leverage the collective experience of workgroup members to the advantage of existing and new RAIN RFID technology users.


The RAIN Alliance is committed to sustainability. The Sustainability Workgroup identifies, develops, and publishes materials that relate to the issues surrounding sustainability and the use of RAIN RFID.


Following the adoption of RAIN RFID in tires, the Tire Working Group develops and publishes materials related to the use of RAIN RFID in tires.

Smart Mobility

The Smart Mobility Workgroup in the RAIN RFID Alliance is dedicated to advancing RAIN RFID technology for smarter and more connected mobility solutions. We create tailored guidelines and build relationships with key industry stakeholders, unlocking the full potential of smart mobility across various transportation modes and services.

Plastics Packaging Tiger Team

Many retailers implementing RAIN RFID have embraced the objective of achieving 100% of plastic packaging to be reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025. The RAIN Alliance Plastics Packaging Tiger Team is focused on supporting this goal. This team is working on prioritizing plastic packaging waste streams and identifying hurdles in their current reclaimer/recycling processes; defining vendor-neutral guidelines to ensure that RAIN RFID tags/inlays enable plastic packaging recycling; and conducting the testing necessary to determine the above guidelines.

Megan Brewster

Ray Freeman

Training & Certification Tiger Team

The RAIN Alliance Training & Certification Tiger Team is focused on the training needs of our members and community, and on understanding how this training can aid awareness and market adoption of RAIN RFID. The team’s task involves identifying and creating vendor-neutral RAIN RFID training curriculum and certification priorities and developing corresponding training materials.

George Greenlee

Some of accomplishments from the workgroups include:


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