Richard Aufreiter, HID Global

"RAIN is the platform the RFID industry has been waiting for. I was thrilled to meet the “who is who” in the RAIN RFID industry at the recent RAIN Alliance meeting in Austria, and be part of an actively collaborating community of experts who joined...

Scott Clements, Tyco

“Industry collaboration through forums like RAIN on technology standards, application frameworks, and ecosystem partnerships is central to Tyco’s Internet-of-Things strategy.”

Enu Waktola, SMARTRAC

“Let it RAIN…With a bold vision to connect 28 billion devices and items in 2020 with RFID, the RAIN Alliance is poised to speed up dramatically the development and implementation of RFID for an Internet of Things ecosystem. SMARTRAC is proud to be a co-founder...

Chris Diorio, Impinj

“RAIN connects items in our everyday world to the internet and provides the identity, location, and authenticity of each, improving and enriching our lives.”

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