Speaking the Same Language: How Lifelong Company Identification Numbers can Enhance RAIN RFID Deployment

How has RAIN RFID use grown?

The RAIN RFID industry shipped more than 44.7 billion tags in 2023, a growth of 32% year-on-year. RAIN’s success comes from its ability to read many hundreds of tags, all communicating with a reader at nearly the same time – which enables unique identification, locationing and authentication of items in real-time.

Why are standards-based numbering systems important?

However, to enable this, the tags must be uniquely identifiable– this requires them to be properly encoded using a standards-based “Numbering System” such as GS1 and ISO. As well as ensuring uniqueness, these number systems also help to eliminate tag clutter; support interoperability; ensure efficient use of memory space; and help to quickly and efficiently resolve tag data to gain additional item information when desired.

In 2022, RAIN Alliance members collaboratively created the Company Identification Number (CIN), a RAIN Alliance ISO Numbering System, to be used to identify your companies’ tags. The RAIN Alliance also committed to promoting the use of standardized numbering systems (be it GS1, RAIN ISO, or other) to its members and partners.

What is a CIN number?

The CIN is a prefix used on RAIN RFID tags to enable efficient filtering between your tags and those that belong to others. This can occur when tags are not uniquely encoded, causing confusion and inaccuracy related to the item’s identification. Based on the program’s success and feedback from participating companies, the RAIN Alliance Board of Directors recently approved a revised structure for the CIN program, now offering the option of a perpetual CIN assignment, eliminating the need for annual renewals.

How can lifelong CINs help enhance RAIN RFID deployment?

The primary benefit of a lifelong CIN is comfort in knowing this number will remain the same for your company in perpetuity. It removes the need to renew each year and the risk that another company may be assigned your number in the event for any reason your subscription lapses. This also enables organizations to frontload their investment, with long-term savings made as there is no longer a need or cost to renew each year.

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