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Smart Manufacturing Benefits of RAIN

From the manufacturing of goods, to ensuring the right product is in the right location, RAIN has a place at every stage of the supply chain. With RAIN, businesses gain access to the real-time data use to optimize operations, improve consumer and worker safety, and reduce costs.

  • Improve plant floor productivity and safety
  • Increase warehouse visibility
  • Maximize machine workflows and investments
  • Optimize field and supply chain operations
  • Minimize shipping errors
  • Eliminate costly, time-consuming manual processes
  • Protect against counterfeit goods
  • Reduce loss of reusable assets

“Roughly 64% of manufacturers believe that applying IoT to products will increase profitability over the next five years” – MPI Group (source)

RAIN Videos

SiteSense materials tracking

RAIN Success Stories

<p>Traceability through the manufacturing process at Dana Incorporated</p>
Traceability through the manufacturing process at Dana Incorporated
Case Study
<p>Stanley Black & Decker</p>
Stanley Black & Decker
Case Study
<p>RAIN RFID: A key Enabler for Industry 4.0</p>
RAIN RFID: A key Enabler for Industry 4.0
Case Study
<p>RAIN RFID detects leaks in cars</p>
RAIN RFID detects leaks in cars
Case Study
<p>RAIN RFID Technology to trace fresh food throughout the supply chain</p>
RAIN RFID Technology to trace fresh food throughout the supply chain
Case Study
<p>Could RAIN RFID Eliminate Food Waste</p>
Could RAIN RFID Eliminate Food Waste
Case Study




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