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A-1 Packaging Solutions, Inc

Company Overview

Our LivePoint® SDW is a Forklift based RFID system that is designed to give companies absolute accuracy throughout their facilities and Supply Chain…whether in Manufacturing, Shipping, Warehousing, etc. The uniqueness of the system is three-fold:
1. LivePoint® Floor Tags – Traditional Floor tags are ~ ½” thick and need to be buried in the concrete…very costly and time consuming. Our new LivePoint® Floor tags are thin like Band-Aids and just peel and stick to any concrete surface. This allows us to give companies absolute clarity as to what is happening in their facilities and where everything is at Real-Time.
2. LivePoint® SDW Software – Our SDW (System Directed Workforce) Software was designed to tell employees what to do, acknowledge when they do something correctly…and prompt them, thru a series of Audio & Visual alarms when the make an Error…to correct it.
3. Dock Door Systems – Traditional Dock Door systems are very expensive ($5-10k+ per dock door) and only give visibility to what is going thru the dock doors. LivePoint® is Forklift based so it can track where everything is at in the facility, where it is moving too, and when it leaves the facility…and our same LivePoint® Floor tags can be used at dock doors for ~ $150 per door versus $5-10k.


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