High Frequency

Company Overview

High Frequency started with a simple question: “Can RFID implementation be simple?”The answer is … no.RFID, EPC, EPCIS, UHF, RAIN, LLRP. The world of RFID can be a rabbit hole, and it sometimes seems deliberately obtuse. But with High Frequency, what it can be is easy.

At High Frequency, we aim to be your long-term partner in RFID implementation, development, training, and ongoing support. Think of us as your one-stop-shop for RFID information and skills. We hold your hand and walk you through your journey of discovering just what unique insights you can gain into your business when items can talk!

As an RFID Managed Service provider, we handle it all: Research, Planning, Implementation, Training, and Support.


Consulting / Services, System Integrator / Solution Provider

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