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MobiZcan Technologies LLC

Company Overview

MobiZcan Technologies is a highly focused sales agency representing leading providers of RAIN RFID technology in the Latin America region. MobiZcan Technologies connects principal suppliers of RAIN RFID with hundreds of leading RFID integrators and large customers in the Latin America region and grows their brands. Our principal’s products allow customers to increase operational efficiencies and visibility and accelerate their supply chains through digital transformation.
MobiZcan Technologies maintains long-standing relationships with customers, systems integrators, resellers and consultants within the RAIN RFID market in Latin America, providing them with the most advanced technology and reliable products required to accelerate the digital transformation of their supply chains.
With knowledge of and considerable influence over the largest RAIN RFID projects in the region, MobiZcan Technologies can help your company gain greater market share with wider penetration in the diverse Latin America market. Through unsurpassed service and exclusive representation, MobiZcan Technologies delivers exceptional results.
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