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MonsoonRF, Inc.

Charles Lim



MonsoonRF, Inc.

Company Overview

The MonsoonRF Inc. Lantern™ series of RFID readers are All-In-One Hands-Free RFID Reader system with LED
lightings (Track Light, HALO, Florescent or Edison bulb), comprising the integrated UHF reader, Antenna, controlled
LED, and Communications System (a complete system-in-package).
Lantern™ installation involves a simple connection to a common AC power source (110VAC or 240VAC depending on
Region). When connected, the integrated light will be on, and it can be directed at tagged items.
The MonsoonRF Lantern™ is the easiest way to install Hands-Free RFID reader capability. MonsoonRF’s Lantern™
enables to install “Hands Free RFID – As Simple as Changing a Lightbulb”

Reader Manufacturer, Research Facility, RFID Auto-Id equipment Mfg.

7740 Garvey Ave, Unit D, Rosemead, CA, 91770 United States