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Smartx Technology Inc.

Dina Marquez

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Smartx Technology Inc.

Company Overview

Smartx Technology Inc. is a software developer and system integrator specializing in developing enterprise asset intelligence for the connected age. The team of Smartx has in depth knowledge about the RFID technology, Identification Tags & Asset Track and Trace solutions using bar code, NFC, passive, active, and semi-active RFID, BLE, and GPS among others.
SmartX Team is helping organizations, across industries all over the world, by automating product visibility and asset management processes while offering a complete Ground, Aerial, Mobile & Wearable solution for professional UAV/Drone businesses. Resulting on gaining asset visibility, in real time, through a complete platform for enterprise asset intelligence.

Consulting/Services, Inlay/Tag Manufacturer, Reader Manufacturer, RFID Auto-Id equipment Mfg., RFID Supplies, System Integrator

111 E Monument Ave, Kissimmee, FL, United States