The new 2022 RAIN Alliance Report on Global Markets and Applications from VDC Research is the most current and most authentic research report for passive UHF RFID available today.

The RAIN Alliance teamed with VDC Research for the analysis and research presented in this report, a follow-up to the 2020 report, and it contains information provided by members of the RAIN Alliance worldwide.

The RAIN RFID market has evolved substantially over the past 24 months with several blue-chip announcements adding momentum and changing market dynamics creating a premium for the benefits that RFID provide. Although investment in RAIN RFID solutions remains closely tied to inventory management in segments like apparel, application opportunities have proliferated substantially.

Think about a leading parcel delivery vendor committing to building out RFID infrastructure to speed up throughput and eliminate the burden of manual barcode scans to quick serve restaurants (QSR) to improve operations. From mandate-driven serialization efforts to operations-minded initiatives, RAIN RFID solutions are positioned as the critical ID technology to support unique ID and non-line of sight reading.

Inside the report there is detailed analysis of initial market models pointing to a global RAIN RFID market of >$3Bn billion in 2021, including finished tags/transponders, fixed readers, handheld readers, and printer/encoders. Tag IC unit shipments reached 28.9 billion units in 2021 while finished tag/transponder units were 27.7 billion units. Reader shipments exceeded 261K units.

Multiple industries and applications, trends by industry and application, as well as regional market trends are addressed within the report. Specific information on each of the components of the technology over the time period 2019 to 2026 with the CAGR for each are given with unit and revenue.