We recently held a highly successful gathering of RAIN Alliance members in Shenzhen, where our partners and associates assembled ahead of the IOTE Shenzhen exhibition.What was originally envisioned as a small meeting exceeded expectations, with over 60 RAIN Alliance members and prospective members coming together to discuss the opportunities lying ahead for the deployment of this technology in a variety of different industries.Aileen Ryan commenced the event by providing insights into the current global market, setting the stage for Qin Yanwei from Xindeco, who delivered an excellent educational talk on the application of combined RFID and LEDs, along with the process for manufacturing and deploying this combination.

Dr. Yanli from JRI presented ROI calculations for RAIN RFID deployment for waste reduction use-cases in FMCG and showed that this use-case alone is already very compelling in financial terms.

Jeffery Ye from Xerafy addressed the reliability and performance in challenging deployments including automotive parts as well as Oil and Gas pipes and drill-bits.

Edi Wang from Zebra noted that RFID is the foundation of the IoT architecture and shared several drivers to boost adoption, including simpler scalability and affordability.

Tim Wang from Arizon delivered an outstanding presentation on Eco Antennae, and Martijn Zwegers of ITEC discussed high-speed and accurate die attach equipment with future trends including decreasing chip size, paper and other sustainable substrates, increasing machine speed, and the importance of data integration.

The final presentation of the day, by Robin Deng of Zhongshifa, centered on healthcare applications, a rapidly growing sector in China, encompassing product anti-counterfeiting and traceability. Robin posed an intriguing question about the timeline for integrating RAIN readers into smartphones, which resulted in spirited discussions that continued during the networking event and dinner.

We extend our gratitude to Xindeco for sponsoring and organizing this incredibly valuable day, enabling RAIN Alliance members and prospective members to engage deeply on the important topics and to get to know each other better.

This video provides a brief glimpse of the meeting.