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There are already many successful RAIN RFID solutions, but the coming years will see a massive growth in both the depth and variety of deployments. Some of this growth is due to the additional functionality provided by optional commands in the RAIN Radio Protocol. To see which of these optional commands are supported by which Tag ICs and Readers, the RAIN Solutions WG provides two tools below.

RAIN members have been invited to provide information about their products and the responses received are summarized in the following tables. When positioning the mouse over a green check mark, the commands supported by the device are listed. In addition, links to data-sheets or product descriptions are provided via the device model number.

These tools will be continually updated as more information is provided.

The following tables list the optional and custom commands supported by different RAIN devices. Naturally, all mandatory commands are supported and these are not listed. However, devices may differ in the optional and custom commands that they support. For a full list of custom commands please reference the datasheet for each product.

Since ISO 18000-63 brings optional commands beyond those in the RAIN Radio Protocol, these are listed separately. Thus, the column “ISO-Extended Options” does not include the “Optional Commands”.

Tool Tip Example

By placing your mouse over the icon, more information about the supported commands will be provided. In addition, filters can be used to search the table and identify different devices.

All data is as supplied by the manufacturer. RAIN accepts no liability for any errors in the table below.  Please contact the manufacturer for any details about the performance of the hardware listed.

Manufacturers can send email to get details of how to add hardware to this list.

Users of this page can send email to provide feedback on the usefulness of the matrix and any changes that may help improve the resource.

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