Dive into history with the RAIN Alliance:

Quotes from the pioneers who shaped our journey.

Philippe Lallement,
Founder & Consultant, Sustinerid
38+ year tire electronics and manufacturing career with Michelin

“Every tire around the world should be connectable so to serve all the tire stakeholders – supply chain, vehicle makers, re-treaders, dealers, end users, government agencies, recycling – with the tire information they need along the full lifecycle of the tire. More than a decade ago, we identified that the only way to make that happen was to operate with what we call today: the RAIN RFID technology.”

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Smoos Peng,
APAC Director, Voyantic, Ltd.
RAIN Alliance APAC Advisory Group Member

“To grow RAIN RFID adoption requires a collective effort from the industry. Voyantic is one of the early members of the RAIN Alliance. My first presentation was at a RAIN Alliance meeting in Shenzhen back in 2017, focusing on the business and technology benefits of the ETSI Upper Frequency Band in RAIN deployment. After that event, it was clear to me that RAIN RFID deployment was going to fly for the next coming decade”.

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