In the realm of medical device manufacturing and distribution, complex challenges demand precise tracking, heightened efficiency, and regulatory compliance.  Xerafy has shared two webinars on this topic.

The first Xerafy Webinar brings together experts who intimately comprehend the complexities of healthcare inventory management and the dire need for solutions:

  • Jody Costa, VP Marketing & Strategic Partnerships, Barcoding, Inc.
  • Bhavik Ghaghada, Sr. Sales and Solutions Manager, Xerafy
  • Jeff Wertz, President, Surgio Health

Together, they wield around 15 years of industry experience and a deep understanding of the inefficiencies can extract on systems, providers, and patients. The conversation promises to unveil profound insights into the intricacies of healthcare inventory management and the groundbreaking innovations powered by RAIN RFID technology.

Watch the webinar now!

Enabling Smart Inventory Management for Medical Device Manufacturers

At Xerafy, we’ve propelled passive UHF RAIN RFID solutions that empower medical device manufacturers and distributors to automate asset tracking, save time, prevent redundant purchases, and achieve more with less. Our innovations now embed RAIN RFID technology into metal, enabling resilience against disinfectant chemicals, high temperatures, and even autoclaving. This breakthrough translates into transformative benefits for medical device manufacturers, distributors, and healthcare facilities.

Surgio Health, on the other hand, is dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare processes for hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, vendors, distributors, and medical device manufacturers. Their mission centers on eliminating inefficiencies from processes, guiding customers toward data-driven solutions that enhance efficiency, slash waste, and foster continuous improvements.


Elevating Medical Device Management through RAIN RFID Technology

The prevalence of manual and analog asset and inventory management persists, contributing to losses, redundant purchases, time wastage, and errors. The evolution of medical procedures and the distribution of tasks further compounds complexity. Critical assets, from equipment to instruments, require careful scheduling, preparation, and sterilization.

In this landscape, RAIN RFID technology, robust enough to endure harsh environments, presents an opportunity to automate processes, mitigate risks to staff and enhance inventory visibility.

Advanced RAIN RFID technology is now capable of withstanding extreme conditions. This holds immense potential for healthcare manufacturers, distributors, and device end-users. Embedding RAIN RFID technology into instruments and devices ensures compatibility with rigorous cleaning and sterilization protocols. The automation of workflows involving surgical instruments and medical devices reduces the burden on staff, enhances inventory management, and minimizes the scope for human error.

From locating and sterilizing devices to preparing for procedures, RAIN RFID technology streamlines operations for medical device manufacturers, resulting in improved efficiency and traceability.

Watch the webinar now!