Portable Technology Solutions (PTS) continues to expand hardware compatibility options for the market’s most flexible fixed RFID software.

Calverton, NY (June 28, 2023)—Portable Technology Solutions (PTS) announces that its Clearstream RFID On-Board application will now be compatible with Impinj R-700 fixed RFID scanners. Clearstream is the only off-the-shelf RFID software that supports On-Board capabilities for both Zebra and Impinj scanners.


ClearStream On-Board runs directly on the reader and is designed from the ground up to handle the most difficult installations of a fixed RFID system. Running on the reader itself enables the application to save tag data locally and transfer this data whenever a network connection is available. By keeping data collection highly reliable even when network communications are less reliable, ClearStream On-Board eliminates IT headaches and firewall concerns; most of all, On-Board means that your business can keep going even if your network connection goes down.


Installing On-Board is simple with a ClearStream subscription or free trial, and configuration takes only minutes via an easy-to-use web portal. In keeping with the PTS commitment to maximum user flexibility, On-Board can be configured to send tag data to the ClearStream web portal, the PTS cloud, to a PC running ClearStream software, or to one’s custom web service.


“We know it’s important for our end-users to have a range of options and to feel future-proofed, so we strive to be agnostic when it comes to hardware compatibility,” says PTS CEO Bradley Horn.


To learn more about ClearStream RFID On-Board for Impinj, what the latest webinar at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVbg13Ed7EA. A free trial of the latest version of ClearStream is available here.