Numerous retailers that are deploying RAIN RFID have adopted this U.S Plastics Pact goal: 100% of plastic packaging will be reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025. To ensure that RAIN RFID supports this goal, the RAIN Alliance has established a Plastics Packaging Tiger Team (PPTT) whose role is to:

  • Prioritize plastic packaging waste streams and identify hurdles in their current reclaimer/recycling processes
  • Define vendor-neutral guidelines to ensure that RAIN RFID tags/inlays enable plastic packaging recycling
  • Determine and commission any testing necessary to determine the above guidelines

The PPTT will initially focus on the U.S. market, with the aim to develop engagement plans for other priority geographies.

RAIN Alliance members are invited to participate in this activity, which requires a commitment of resources and funds for any potential testing costs (to be split evenly among all participants).  If you are interested in joining the PPTT, please contact Aileen Ryan.

Not a RAIN Alliance member?  Learn about all the benefits of RAIN Alliance membership, including participation in the PPTT and other collaborative activities.