RAIN Alliance member Checkpoint Systems has helped Mixer & Pack, a leading cosmetics company, to improve the traceability and safety of its perfumes from the point of manufacture thanks to RFID technology.

What is this process like?
The system implemented in Mixer is based on the development of an RFID coding tunnel integrated into the manufacturing line itself, in which, in a unitary and chain manner, each perfume is registered and coded without affecting production capacity.

This innovative system in the sector has been developed by our team of experts in RFID technology for Mixer & Pack, continuing with the strategy of the company and the shareholders in positioning its factory in Guadalajara (Spain) as an industry 4.0 and one of the most advanced in Europe in the
manufacture of perfumery for third parties.

Thanks to this process, Mixer & Pack can apply an RFID tag to each perfume at their own factory, allowing them to be later identified by RFID readers so that the shipment of the products can be accurately tracked. This allows the brand to always know the route of its individual items. Each product can be easily identified and authenticated at each stage of the supply chain, covering all the stages through which it passes.

The digitalization of perfumes with RFID technology
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology used to obtain digital data from a product and
identify it through its unique digital identifier, stored in an RFID tag embedded in the product.

The digitization of perfumes thanks to RFID allows for the signal a product transmits to send
information about itself without the need for in person interaction, executing high-speed operations
such as the automatic registration of production or the registration of shipments by article, among
many other options. Its benefits make this technology increasingly present in all numerous
industries, cosmetics included.

Unlike a barcode, which uses an image to identify a label attached to a product, RFID uses radio waves to communicate with a microchip. This coding makes it easier for brands to read references on a massive scale, as well as contain massive information on their traceability, improving their inventories and the data available for each product at all points of the distribution chain.

Mixer & Pack, at the forefront of perfume technology
Mixer & Pack is close to celebrating 30 years developing cosmetic, perfumery, and home fragrance
products. Throughout these years, they have opted to remain at the technological forefront to be
able to provide innovative solutions from the formulation, research, design, manufacturing, and
packaging of the product to the implementation of these solutions in both national and international

Lorenzo García, Director of Operations at Mixer & Pack: “It is a very innovative solution and will allow us to be pioneers in our sector, being a clear benchmark for innovation. We are very happy to have worked with a partner like Checkpoint Systems to spearhead the digitization of the cosmetics market.”

Emanuele Soncin, Business Unit Director at Checkpoint Systems in Spain: “The implementation of RFID in the cosmetics industry is a giant step for the sector. The possibilities that it opens up are innumerable and are not limited to carrying out a more efficient and precise inventory or better traceability; Rather, it could be a tool to provide individualized information on each product in the future, allowing the implementation of a unitary quality control, protecting the system, and even being able to protect the product in the store or control the parallel market. These conditions represent a new market standard in terms of the shopping experience offered to consumers.”