[Singapore, 8 April 2024] – Xerafy, a leader in RFID technology and engineering, is proud to announce the unveiling of its revolutionary platform for connected tools, setting new industry benchmarks in Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) tool management. This innovative platform, debuting at MRO Americas in Chicago from April 9-11, 2024, signifies a major leap forward in digitization in Aerospace and MRO, offering unparalleled benefits in safety, operational efficiency, and compliance. Since 2010, Xerafy has been at the forefront of RFID technology, driving innovation and delivering solutions that drive operational excellence at Fortune 1000 companies.

Connected Tools for Active FOD Prevention

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Xerafy has teamed up with Kyoto Tools (KTC), Japan’s leading industrial tool manufacturer, to integrate its advanced Connected Assets RFID technology into KTC’s innovative range of nepros ID tools. Nepros ID represents a quantum leap in FOD prevention, offering levels of real-time tracking, automated inventory control, and operational efficiency previously unattainable in the sector. Its integration of Xerafy’s advanced RFID technology ensures seamless compliance with industry regulations while mitigating tool loss and optimizing operational workflows.

Advancing Digitization in MRO

Advancing digitization in MRO, Xerafy is setting new benchmarks for safety, compliance, authentication, and operational efficiency. When it comes to tool control automation, the same RFID technology that powers nepros ID tools can be retrofitted into existing tool inventories. Moreover, the company’s efforts extend to leveraging RFID for management of component work-in-process (WIP), as well as comprehensive tracking and authentication of inventory of MRO parts.

Empowering Industries with Connected Assets

The launch of Xerafy’s connected tools platform marks a significant milestone in the journey towards comprehensive IoT asset connectivity. The company’s “Connected Assets” vision is all about enabling industries to embrace the future of IoT, ensuring optimal performance, safety, and efficiency.

Xerafy has been collaborating with Fortune 1000 companies to re-engineer and enhance their products, from the drawing board, building up on the company’s experience in RFID and IoT innovation, as well as manufacturing, material science, and application expertise. The collaborations underscore Xerafy’s commitment to leveraging shared expertise to drive technological advancement and deliver real-world value to clients.

For more information about Xerafy and its solutions, please visit https://xerafy.com.

Xerafy is a pioneer in RFID for industrial applications, bringing to market several innovations that enable advanced identification and automation capabilities. In addition to a complete range of field-proven RFID tags available off-the-shelf, Xerafy offers Custom RFID Tags services, covering everything from a personalization service bureau to custom-design engineering capabilities.